Group launches 'safe home' for formerly incarcerated women

The Center for Legal Aid and Prisoner Rehabilitation (CELSIR) is calling for a “new way of life” in the launch of a first-of-its-kind safe house for formerly incarcerated women in Nigeria. announced a partnership.

Speaking at the recent launch in Lagos, CELSIR Executive Director, Mr. Joke Aladesanmi, said that over the past three years, the center has delivered programs aimed at facilitating the reintegration of incarcerated people into society. , said it has emerged as a prominent force dedicated to rehabilitating incarcerated people. Allow them to become independent and valuable members of the community.

She said the unveiling of the safe house was a pivotal moment in the rehabilitation and reintegration journey of formerly incarcerated women in this country, adding that the unveiling of the safe house is a pivotal moment in the rehabilitation and reintegration journey of formerly incarcerated women in this country. It was found that 95% of those in the group will eventually return to society. He was released and acquitted.

However, she observed that the post-incarceration path is full of challenges, including the risk of re-incarceration, as well as the enduring burden of stigma and lack of employment opportunities.

She said the safe home, named ‘Ruby House’, was inspired by the rich symbolism of the ruby ​​color, which represents the qualities of compassion, strength and courage.

“Ruby House is a refuge for formerly incarcerated women, providing a safe haven to begin their journey back into society.

“Here, they are equipped with the essential skills and support they need to foster independence and pave the way to a brighter and more empowered future as they progress on the road to reintegration into society,” she said. Stated.

He revealed that Ruby Safe House is designed to comfortably accommodate 15 residents and said a holistic approach is taken to reintegrate formerly incarcerated women into society.

Specifically, she said the facility includes specialized areas such as a skills room, library and individual counseling spaces to foster an environment conducive to comprehensive recovery.

Additionally, it has been made clear that designated rooms are allocated to ensure the privacy of nursing mothers and pregnant women, recognizing and catering to their specific needs.

She further explained that this thoughtful design ensures that the safe house is not just a residence, but a supportive and tailored environment tailored to the diverse needs of its residents.

She further said: “CELSIR and New Ways of Living are united in our commitment to breaking the cycle of recidivism (recidivism) and ensuring that all individuals, regardless of their past, are given the opportunity to rebuild their lives.” Contribute actively.

“These organizations remain dedicated to helping inmates rebuild their lives and find their footing in society.” She said this groundbreaking initiative is an important milestone. It is a step forward, he declared, adding, “We hope to embark on further efforts.” Our purpose is to inspire compassionate organizations and individuals to join the noble cause of rehabilitating and reintegrating formerly incarcerated people, paving the way for a healthier society. ”


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