Group condemns hospitals refusing to admit emergency patients

A non-governmental organization, the Patient and Elderly Rights Advocacy Initiative in Nigeria, ARPAPNI, accused the hospital of refusing to admit emergency patients brought for treatment.

The group stated this in Abuja on Monday, saying it was a complete violation of fundamental human rights to simply turn away unconscious patients.

Noah Attabaugh, the group’s president, said all patients have a right to care, regardless of their financial status or police background, especially in emergency situations.

This includes cases involving unconsciousness, accidents and other circumstances, he said.

“We are here to raise public awareness about the rights of patients in hospitals.

“Patients have a fundamental right to medical treatment in emergencies because it is part of their fundamental human right to life, and if this right is not properly exercised, it can lead to death.

“In hospitals, this right is being abused by stakeholders and hospital staff.

“We point out that this situation is partly due to the government not providing adequate facilities or adequate remuneration.

“But most importantly, hospital staff need to know that patients have the right to prompt treatment in emergencies, even if they can’t afford it,” he stressed.

He said if people in the medical industry were doing their jobs, people would not be languishing in hospitals.

He said the non-governmental organization would advocate for adequate funding for the health sector.


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