Islamic forum demands compensation for families of Kaduna villagers bombed by military

Group claims Kaduna youths were denied entry into Nigeria's army on ethnic grounds

The youth wing of the Southern Kaduna Peoples Union (SOKAPU) has appealed to the Chief of Defense Staff and the Chief of Army Staff to investigate what is described as a harrowing video of four youths seeking to join the Nigerian Army.

The youths also appealed to the Kaduna State government to establish a committee to thoroughly investigate the matter with the aim of preventing it from happening again.

SOKAPU National Youth Leader, John Isaac, said in a statement: “The Southern Kaduna Youth League is deeply concerned to have witnessed a distressing video of four youths from Kaduna State currently residing in Lagos. “

“These people, who were eager to join the Nigerian Army, faced unwarranted humiliation, rejection and even arrest during the national vetting process at the time they made this statement.”

The statement explained that the reasons portrayed in the video revolve around his inability to speak Yoruba and his non-citizenship status in Lagos.

The statement said: “The constitution clearly defines Nigerian citizenship and the Nigerian military has outlined specific requirements and eligibility criteria for enlistment, none of which include linguistic qualifications such as the ability to speak Yoruba. It is essential to emphasize that it has nothing to do with or tribal considerations.''

“The Kaduna state government boasts a significant number of Yoruba people in the civil service, some of whom trace their origins to the south-west and hold respected political positions,” the statement said. This is a testament to Kaduna State's inclusiveness and tolerance.” He maintains a liberal stance and actively contributes to the unification of the Nigerian project. ”

“In light of these events, we respectfully request the Chief of Army Staff and the Chief of Defense Staff to promptly and urgently investigate this matter,” the document said.

“We call for the immediate release of these youths and their equal participation in enlistment training, in line with the principles enshrined in all Nigerians, because the unity of our country transcends ethnic considerations.”


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