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Governor Mutofan introduces officials to the new traditional ruler of the Plateau

Plateau Governor Caleb Muthofan on Friday presented the newly elected Ngorong Gasu (Supreme Ruler of Ngasu), Chief Zika Gorit, with a staff.
The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reported that Golit, the sixth Ngorong Gasu, assumed the first-class throne following the death of former champion, the late Joshua Dimlong, who passed away in 2015.

Immediately after his presentation, Mutfan said that traditional institutions play an important role in strengthening inter- and intra-community relationships, which is essential to protect communities from invaders.

The governor said traditional institutions also have a tremendous role to play in protecting territory and promoting peace, stability and harmonious coexistence among peoples.

He said his administration was determined to give traditional institutions pride of place in the state.

“Our solemn resolve as a government is to continue to work towards filling all vacant traditional chairs in the state, in line with my commitment and respect for traditional institutions. .

“We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Royal Family of the Ngasu Emirate and the Panxin/Kanke Traditional Council for making us proud by demonstrating a high level of civility and good behavior in the selection of the Ngoronggas people. I am pleased to report to this esteemed congregation.

“This action is certainly commendable and should be emulated by all communities across the state.

“We would like to caution mischief-makers against unnecessary court action aimed at delaying or frustrating the election or installation of traditional rulers,” he added.

Mr Muthofan said the coronation took place during the state week of mourning declared in honor of the people of Plateau who were brutally murdered in the brutal Christmas Eve attack.

The governor said the event would be low-key and would not include the usual processions, pomp and celebrations that would normally take place to observe the week of mourning.

Gbon Gwom Jo's Jacob Gyang Buba praised Muthofan's courage in trying to fill Ngorong Gas's chair, which had been vacant for nearly a decade.

Mr Buba, the Chairman of the Plateau Traditional Council, expressed his gratitude to the kingmakers who conducted the rancor-free exercise which saw the emergence of new Ngorong Ngasu.

Gbong Gwom Jos advised politicians not to interfere in the affairs of traditional institutions.

He appealed to the state government to fill the unfilled traditional seats in the state.

The new Supreme Ruler, Gorrit, said that the king's authority over the people represented justice, peace and unity, and that these ideals were to be reawakened and upheld within the territory.

“Our responsibility is daunting, but with the blessings of God and the support of our families, communities, governments and friends, we will continue to build on the legacy of our immediate past, Ngorong Gas. Masu.

“We have committed to prioritizing customs and traditions and addressing issues of safety and welfare.

“Reforms in the palace administration will be consistent with the people's yearning for justice, equity and stability.

“We will strive to ensure political neutrality while protecting the welfare of the people and supporting leaders who respect traditional institutions,” he said.

Pankshin Local Government Chairman Samuel Goar said the establishment of Ngorong Gas gave the Ngasu people a voice in their traditional institutions.

Mr Goal, who was speaking on behalf of the Kanke local government, said words cannot describe the happiness of the Ngasu people who have been without a king for nearly a decade.


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