Prepare for detailed budget defense - Adeleke instructs ministers

“God saved me from the trap of my predecessor” – Governor Adeleke

Governor Ademola Adeleke of Osun State has revealed that despite the trap laid by his predecessor, the state was freed from bondage following the prayers of religious leaders and residents.

Adeleke disclosed this on Tuesday at the 2024 state prayer event in Osogbo, asserting that the state’s 2023 inter-denominational prayers were answered by God.

Here are his words: “During those turbulent times, we asked for the Lord’s help to calm the chaos in our nation’s governance. As we took office in a very hostile environment, we fervently prayed for God’s victory. . We cried out to the Lord to deliver the nation from those who were desperate to cut off the will of the people. Those were alarming days for our dear nation.

“It is with great joy that I stand before you today and proclaim that our nation has been freed from the bondage of the past. Through the prayers of the righteous, the people of God secure victory, deliverance, and deliverance. One year after our fervent petition to our dear Creator, we are all feeling and experiencing the hand of God in our lives and in the governance of our state. Dear people of Osun State, our state has been, and will continue to be, God-inspired leadership.

“Dear people of faith, I have a personal confession to make. Last year, I experienced first-hand God’s guidance in making national decisions. Several times, Almighty God has given me advice on important issues. I was not kidding when I said that I govern in the fear of God. Our leadership is a product of God's plan and manifestation.

“The signs are everywhere, even my political opponents can see them. I want to share some examples with you. When I took office as governor of a state I love, there are many serious problems. Problems like this seemed to defy all solutions. My predecessor deliberately added fuel to the fire by setting some booby traps before leaving office. Nor do they expect us to have solutions.The critics' ideas were predictions of failure.

“But because we have a God who never betrays those he loves, doors have been opened where no doors existed. In the governance field, we have witnessed policy innovation and implementation, and we are witnessing policy innovations and implementations that address arcane national policies. We have a God who supports His favored and chosen people, so our government can reset the button on public servants and ensure the welfare of workers. We have tackled this head on, put smiles on the faces of pensioners, restored local governance, succeeded in implementing infrastructure plans and setting a course for sustainable governance.”

Religious leaders, traditional rulers and state officials attended the inter-denominational prayer service held to usher in the new year.


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