Foundation imposes maternal care on government, breastfeeding mothers

Foundation imposes maternal care on government, breastfeeding mothers

The Seifala Foundation, a non-governmental organization (NGO), yesterday tasked federal, state and local parliaments with the need to ensure maternal mortality in the country, stating that breastfeeding mothers should not give birth during pregnancy. He said that efforts should be made to ensure maternal mortality. They give birth in a certified single-parent hospital.

Seifala Foundation, in collaboration with the Oyo State Government, visited Sabo Maternal and Child Hospital and Bodija Health Center in Ibadan, Oyo State, to ensure that nursing mothers register with accredited hospitals during their pregnancies and take their infants. I encouraged them to do so. For regular treatment.

Doing so will save the lives of the children and the lives of their mothers, the foundation said.

Seifala Foundation President Olukunle Olubode encouraged nursing mothers at the two centers, where baby clothes and medicines were also donated, to breastfeed their babies and ensure they are vaccinated.

Mr. Olubode spoke on the aims and objectives of the Seifala Foundation, which supports several primary health care centers across Africa to help vulnerable pregnant women meet their basic material needs before, during and after childbirth. He said that they are ensuring that they receive high-quality medical care, including issues such as sex and safe spacing between children after birth. Educate pregnant women about the importance and need for voluntary family planning (VFP).

According to him, “this was the purpose of the visit to the Sabo Center and Bodhija Center.”

He also said the foundation supports quality education for children and supports interconnected, culturally vibrant communities where low-income residents and vulnerable children have access to school and access to education. He said that he will support the development of a community of people, which will lead to careers for their independence.dependent and financially independent

Part of what the foundation has done since its founding in 2017 is to eradicate poverty and hunger in rural areas by encouraging rural economic activity and achieve sustainable economic empowerment through agriculture. The aim was to work with governments, particularly at the state and local council level, to achieve this goal. as an economic tool, especially through social agricultural projects;

He disclosed that over 45 nursing mothers were given items at both Sabo and Bodija centers, while he plans to visit other centers in Oyo State.


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