Former US president, Donald Trump says he may get revenge on his enemies on

Former US President Donald Trump says he can take revenge on his enemies on 'day one' as he refuses to rule out being 'a dictator

Former US President Donald Trump has said he can take revenge on his enemies as he refused to rule out being 'a dictator'.

Trump made the extraordinary statements after Fox News host Sean Hannity questioned him about some of his critics' worst accusations that he planned to 'abuse power' or use the justice system to take down his political rivals, including those who they want to call him. a dictator.'

'To be clear, do you have any plans, if you are re-elected president, to abuse your power, to break the law and use the government to persecute people?' Hannity asked him.

'You mean like they're using it now?' Trump responded, without directly answering the question.

'So in the history of our country? What happened to us again has never happened before. For nonsense and for nothing we invented accusations,” said Trump, returning to the refrain about having been indicted more times (four) than the infamous Chicago mobster, Al Capone.

Hannity also played a famous clip of Trump telling supporters, 'I am your retribution.'

'Are you promising America tonight that you would never abuse power in revenge?' Hannity asked the former president.

“Except for the first day,” Trump responded.

'Meaning?' Hannity asked him.

'I want to close the border and I want to drill, drill, drill.'

“That's not retribution,” Hannity pointed out.

Then Trump tried to get a laugh out of the line.

'He says: you're not going to be a dictator. I said “no, no, no – except on the first day. We're closing the border. And we're drilling, drilling, drilling.

After that, I'm not a dictator.

Hannity questioned Trump about his plans after playing a clip of former House Representative Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) calling the threat of a Trump dictatorship “a very real threat.”

Cheney, who served on the House Jan. 6 committee, said Monday that the 2024 election could “be the last election you can vote in” if Trump wins.

Trump faces 91 charges across four felony counts, with his D.C. trial over his election turnaround effort set to begin March 4, the day before Super Tuesday.

The Biden-Harris campaign followed up on the comment with a statement from campaign manager Julie Chavez Rodriguez.

'Donald Trump has been telling us exactly what he will do if he is re-elected and tonight he said he will be a dictator on day one. Americans should believe him,” she said.

Hannity also asked him about Biden's comment on Tuesday that “if Trump wasn't running, I'm not sure I'd be running.”

“Somebody gave you a talking point,” Trump said, dismissing the comment.


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