Former agitators call on Tinubu to investigate oil advance allegations during Buhari administration

Some former Niger Delta agitators on Wednesday called on President Bola Tinubu to investigate allegations that oil was advanced and the money was taken away in the twilight of President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration.

National Secretary, first-term former agitator, Nature Dumare, has called for an investigation into allegations that the oil was sold three years ago, just before Tinubu took over the leadership.

In a statement sent to DAILY POST, Dumare said this development is part of the reason for the foreign exchange crisis and worsening inflation in the country.

He said if Tinubu failed to investigate the allegations, the former agitators would send a petition to the International Court of Justice asking for the people’s rescue.

He said: “We want President Tinubu to investigate NNPCL and the oil and gas sector. Why did the previous government advance oil products and extort that money? Why did they leave Nigeria in debt? Is that affecting foreign exchange and that’s why we’re having a dollar crisis?

“We are asking President Tinubu to do the needful because Nigerians are behind him. He needs to leave a mark and do things that will make Nigerians remember him. He needs to call these guys and order.

“Allegations are floating around that former President Buhari sold crude oil three years ahead of schedule. Did Buhari know about this? Or was it done by a cabal around him? Rising inflation People are dying every day because of this. If nothing is done, this is the height of injustice to our people, so I am writing to the International Court of Justice.

“Nigeria’s foreign exchange is facing a crisis. “This means that even though we are selling oil outside the country, no dollars are coming in. We stand up and especially We must hold those responsible for leadership accountable.”

Mr Dumare also appealed to Mr Tinubu to reveal the identities of all politicians, business entities and contractors indicted in the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) forensic audit report.

He said such reports, prepared using “billions of Niger Delta funds”, should not be kept in the dark, adding that not prosecuting those indicted would undermine corruption in the country. He added that he was only aiding and abetting.

He said, “There is a forensic audit report conducted by the NDDC. Billions of naira were spent in preparing this report. Politicians and businessmen were indicted in that report. Until now, they No one made a reservation. How are people afraid and why don’t they continue to plunder national treasures? Why can’t people continue to accumulate wealth that is not available to them or their six generations? Is it? That’s why we need to stop it.”


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