FGC Wali wins GCU relay, Akpomje praises sponsors

FGC Wali wins GCU relay, Akpomje praises sponsors

Warri-based educational institutions, Delta Model Secondary School and Federal Government College have emerged as the winners of the 5th Government College Ughelli (GCU) Relay, which was decided over the weekend.

In the girls’ category, Delta Model Secondary School won the top prize, while in the boys’ category, Warri Federal Government College was crowned the overall best team.

Interestingly, both schools in the Warri axis that are currently expanding their dominance in the GCU relays have produced top athletes in Victor Ludolum and Victrix Ludolum at Nwaiiu Chuknunonso and Efetoboah Sofia, respectively.

In the hotly contested Collegiate Invitational (GCU Relay), Delta Model Secondary School won the girls’ 100m, 200m and 4x100m, while Novena University Staff College Kwale won the boys’ and girls’ races. He won the 4x400m in both categories.

Warri Federal Government University won the men’s all-around Diadem and Victor Ludorum, as well as second and third place in the men’s 200m and 4x400m respectively.

Newcomer St. Louis International Secondary School (Sapele) won the Charles Majoreau March Past trophy in its first appearance at the GCU Relays.

Overjoyed by the smooth and colorful event, the Chairman of Ughelli Government College, General Worldwide (PGWW), Mr. Albert Akpomuje, extended his support to seafarers young and old, including financial sponsorship and on-site presence. He expressed his gratitude for the support.

“The 5th GCU Relay was a huge success with the impressive attendance of Old Boys such as Chief Miller Uroho, His Royal Highness AZ Ago, Dr. Oka Avaye and Dr. Richard Obiuwebi to name a few.” He said and added: Special thanks to countless donations, including the main sponsor of this issue, Mr. Joseph Almemi Ikuhide, the bonfire sponsor, Mr. Majoro, Chief JJ Akpyei, Professor O. Omatete, and a generous donation from the Onosode Gamusu Foundation. I would like to express my gratitude.

“Special thanks to the Ejiro Omonode-led organizing committee for their hard work in planning and execution, and especially in the public relations efforts to make it look like an international event.”

He also acknowledged the monetary donation from Fred Majemite, GCU Relay Final Committee Chair, represented by Dr. Ovie Edemi, which ensured the installation and maintenance of state-of-the-art electronic timing and photofinishing equipment, which has become a permanent fixture at the event. He added that there is. The Delta State Sports Commission team helped determine and clarify the finishing positions of the athletes.

The annual GCU Relay is an initiative of the Government College Ughelli Old Boys Association.

Source: guardian.ng

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