FG partners with Musk's Starlink on local content and job creation | Guardian Nigeria News

Nigeria’s federal government has approached Elon Musk’s internet service provider Starlink about the possibility of launching a program to create jobs in Nigeria through local hardware maintenance and production.

Minister of Communications, Innovation and Digital Economy, Dr. Bosun Tijani, made this known over the weekend, saying that the discussion took place on the sidelines of the International Telecommunication Union-World Radiocommunication (ITU-WRC) conference being held in Dubai. . Tijani said he met with Ryan Goodnight, SpaceX’s senior director of global licensing and activation, about the issue.

According to the minister, discussions will center on how Starlink will create a program to certify local installers and maintainers in Nigeria, as well as how Starlink will create a program to certify local installers and maintainers in Nigeria, as well as how to provide local hardware start-ups with Starlink repeater boxes in Nigeria. The question was whether to conclude a contract to produce the product.

The Communications Minister announced the discussion through a post on his X handle, tweeting: “Great conversation with Ryan Goodnight Sr., Director of Global Licensing and Activation at SpaceX, who attended ITU-WRC 23, said Nigeria is Africa’s largest market. Demand for Starlink in Nigeria As this continues to rise, we discussed the issues that connect underserved and underserved Nigerians. We also work with Starlink’s Certified Installer/Maintenance program and hardware startups. He also mentioned the potential to create thousands of new jobs in Nigeria through initiatives such as manufacturing repeater boxes locally.

“We will encourage all technology companies to invest and deepen the technology ecosystem.” The minister added that Starlink has declared Nigeria its largest market. Recall that Stalink’s operations in the country were officially launched in January 2022 and Nigerians have been pre-ordering its hardware ever since.

As of June 2023, Starlink Nigeria had a customer base of 6,756 people. In a bid to attract more customers, Starlink last month cut its hardware costs by 21% in an effort to gain more share in Nigeria’s ISP market.

The price reduction brings down the Starlink hardware cost to 299,500 Naira from 378,000 Naira previously sold. However, the monthly fee paid remained the same: N38,000 per month.

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