FCTA cracks down on illegal slaughterhouses in Abuja

FCTA cracks down on illegal slaughterhouses in Abuja

The Federal Capital Territory Authority (FCTA) Agriculture and Rural Development Secretariat has said it will take decisive action against the proliferation of illegal slaughterhouses in the FCT.

The Commissioned Secretary-General, Mr. Lawan Gaydam, disclosed this during a visit to officials of the FCT Butchers Association in Abuja.

Mr Gaidam explained that the measures are aimed at ensuring compliance with minimum standards in the handling of meat and the well-being of consumers in the federal capital, Abuja.

He said the Veterinary Services Authority is doing its best to monitor and enforce compliance with operational standards.

He said the proliferation of unlicensed slaughterhouses posed a serious threat to the safety of meat consumed by the public.

“Our objective, in line with the Secretariat’s legal mandate, is to ensure that abattoirs in the FCT are not only duly registered and accredited, but also meet public health standards. .”

He assured butchers of the Secretariat’s efforts to address the various challenges affecting the sub-sector.

He said the government is working to provide water supplies and ensure efficient waste management at slaughterhouses.

He added that the government is also finalizing plans to set up bio-petrol stations to replace the dangerous practice of using tires when processing animal skins.

“We do not intend to ignore the critical issues facing slaughterhouses, such as the need for drinking water and regular waste disposal.

“I assure you that the current leadership of the FCT Administration is working hard to maintain the standards of service delivery across all sectors of the FCT.

“The Secretariat will strengthen routine meat inspection activities at various slaughterhouses to ensure that animals are not slaughtered without certification of safety by veterinarians,” he said.

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