Fast-track appointment of new Supreme Court justices – AGF tells NJC

Fast-track appointment of new Supreme Court justices – AGF tells NJC

The Attorney-General and Minister of Justice of the Federation, Prince Lateef Fagbemi San, has urged the National Judicial Council (NJC) to expedite action on the process of appointing more judges to fill vacancies on the bench of the Supreme Court of Nigeria. ) appealed to.

The Supreme Court currently has only 10 judges, compared to the total number of 21 judges stipulated by the Constitution.

The AGF said it was aware that the process of filling the Supreme Court vacancies had begun, but called on the NJC to act quickly to ease the workload of the remaining 10 judges.

Mr. Fagbemi was speaking at a special bench of the Supreme Court to mark the start of the 2023/2024 legal year, where he administered the oath of office bestowed upon the newly appointed Senior Advocates of Nigeria by the Chief Justice of Nigeria, Justice Olukayode Aliwula.

“I take this opportunity to urge the leadership of the National Judicial Council to expedite the process of achieving full complementarity of the Supreme Court, while also putting in place a process to fill the vacancies that will inevitably arise. I would like to request that you do so.” Fagbemi said he filed the case in the Court of Appeal to avoid undue delay and minimize disruption at that level.

The AGF revealed that the administration of President Bola Tinubu has expressed readiness to implement judicial reforms with the cooperation of the judiciary.

“We are therefore eagerly waiting for the judiciary to get the ball rolling so that other sectors can play a role in this important aspect of nation-building,” the Minister of Justice said.

AGF expressed concern over the backlog of appeals pending in the Supreme Court, arguing that this is a situation that must be addressed holistically.

“We must begin developing innovative solutions to improve the Supreme Court’s capacity to operate, reduce the number of appeals before the Court, implement important judicial reforms, and introduce alternative dispute resolution mechanisms. No need.”

Meanwhile, the AGF congratulated 58 lawyers on their new positions as senior lawyers in Nigeria.

He said the conferment of the rank of Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN) not only recognizes the excellence of those conferred but also serves as a motivator for those aspiring to join the Bar.

“Your new and enviable position requires you to be honest and maintain professional standards at all times with Jews, colleagues, clients, and the public, both inside and outside the courtroom.

“In the performance of my duties, I must maintain very high standards of professional conduct.

“Being a privilege also means that it can be lost or revoked. It is worth noting that under the new rules, once a name is removed, There is no provision to restore them to the register. Therefore, they must continue to register ‘maintaining the standards and qualities that are deemed suitable for a novice,'” Fagbemi said.


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