Family raises alarm over missing customs official's whereabouts

Family raises alarm over missing customs official’s whereabouts

The family of Jacob Taiwo Odeyemi, a Nigerian Customs Service (NCS) official, has raised alarm over the whereabouts of their relative.

DAILY POST reported that Odeyemi was last seen by his family at the Idiroko headquarters in 2020 and his whereabouts have been unknown since then.

The families of the missing police officers are now appealing to the federal government and NCS to help find their relatives.

In an interview with DAILY POST on Saturday, the head of the family, Peter Odeyemi, who is also the brother of the missing police officer, called on the Federal Government and the NCS to ensure Taiwo is found alive. .

He said all efforts made by the family to draw the attention of customs to know the whereabouts of the missing police officer had failed.

He said: “What we are asking the Federal Government of Nigeria to do is to contact the Nigerian Customs Service in Idi Iroko and the team that Taiwo Odeyemi was last working with on the day of the incident to inform his family of Taiwo’s whereabouts. They have not officially informed us.

“Please look into the welfare of his family as his salary has been terminated two months after the incident. We want the Nigerian Customs Service to stop manipulating the security system and covering up the problem. We want to work together to meet all the demands that the police have of us and carry out the work of the police.

“We also conducted an investigation as the concerned family members of the community of the incident. On that day of March 12, 2020, the team leader and his team knew everything about Taiwo, but to their surprise, I was informed that he was a professional to the Nigerian Customs Service” and that the then Commissioner failed to provide the necessary information and evidence for the police to carry out their duties. Instead, I was told by Mr Taiwo’s wife that the Public Relations Officer (PRO) was verbally harassing her and adding to her grief and pain. All we need is for both the Nigerian government and the Nigerian Customs Service to help us find out what happened to Taiwo Odeyemi. ”

The wife of the missing customs official, Yetunde Iyabo Odeyemi, also spoke to DAILY POST and appealed to relevant authorities to assist in the search for her husband.

Following the family’s appeal, the Public Relations Officer of the Nigeria Customs Service, Ogun I Command, Hamed Bukoye Oloyede, said some customs officers were attacked by smugglers on the day the missing personnel were last seen, and Odeyemi He countered that his whereabouts were unknown. It has been known ever since.

He added that he issued a statement in 2020 regarding the incident.

“This is a press release issued following the unfortunate incident that led to the loss of CA I (T) Odeyemi Taiwo. His whereabouts are still unknown till date.”

A release issued by Oloede and sent to DAILY POST on Saturday evening read: Several vehicles laden with bags of foreign parboiled rice were captured at Olorunleke village near Alapoti, Ado-Odo-Ota Local Government Area of ​​Ogun State.

“The suspected smugglers felt lost at the sight of the patrol and tried to evade arrest, eventually starting to fire sporadically at the officers. This led to serious gunfire between the two sides. A fight broke out. As such, the patrol called for reinforcements. However, before other units could intervene, they were overwhelmed by the numerical strength of the smugglers/thugs. In the ensuing commotion, the team called for reinforcements. withdrew tactically to allow for the arrival of the US Navy.

“By the time military personnel and other Customs forces arrived, including the Federal Operations Unit (FOU) at the request of the CAC, the thugs had already destroyed one of the official vehicles belonging to the team. , the official driver, CA I (T) Taiwo J Odeyemi, was found missing and has not been found at the time of writing this report.In view of the above, investigations are ongoing and other security Efforts are being made in collaboration with agencies and other key stakeholders to locate the missing police officer and rescue him alive.Finally, the CAC is the person behind this attack. He promised to ensure that the people faced the full wrath of law and justice.”


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