Hundreds of Lagos lawyers protest, Falana condemns police brutality

Falana urges IGP to provide adequate protection to protesters

Human rights activist and lawyer Femi Falana called on police authorities to provide adequate protection to protesters.

Mr. Falana warned the Nigerian Police against crackdowns on members of the Nigeria Labor Congress, NLC, and individuals protesting the plight in the country.

DAILY POST reports that in response to the economic hardships faced by the people, the NLC announced in February following the expiry of the 14-day ultimatum given to the federal government to address the issue. On the 16th, he recalled that he had declared a nationwide protest on February 27th and 28th.

In a statement, Falana said that according to Article 83, Section 4 of the Police Act, demonstrators have the right to be protected during demonstrations.

“Due to the fact that some police officers have threatened to crack down on members of the Nigeria Labor Congress who have decided to protest against hardships in the country on February 27-28, 2024, It is pertinent to point out that participants have the right to report to the police' protection. Specifically, Article 83, Paragraph 4 of the Police Establishment Act 2020 provides as follows:

“If a person or organization notifies the police of its intention to hold an assembly, rally, procession in a public street, or in a place accessible to the public, the person in charge of the area where the gathering will take place shall notify the police.'' Where a rally or procession takes place, personnel shall be mobilized to provide security for the rally, rally or procession. I have no choice but to request the Inspector General of Police to provide security,” Falana wrote.


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