Fagbemi calls for effective use of non-custodial measures

Fagbemi calls for effective use of non-custodial measures

The Federation's Attorney General and Minister of Justice Lateef Fagbemi called on the country's sentencing judges and magistrates to make effective use of non-custodial measures.

Mr Fagbemi made this call in his speech while announcing the opening of a two-day workshop on the implementation of non-custodial measures and sentencing guidelines under the Administration of Criminal Justice Act 2015 (ACJA 2015).

The Minister of Justice was represented by Leticia Ayoola-Daniels, Director-General, Criminal Justice and Reform Department, Federal Ministry of Justice.

Mr Fagbemi said the purpose of non-custodial measures is to find effective alternatives to imprisonment for offenders, in line with current global changes in punishing convicts with alternatives to prison sentences. Stated.

He also said that the use of non-custodial measures would facilitate reducing the population of correctional facilities to a minimum in line with section 470(2)(c) of the ACJA 2015.

“Sentencing is a core judicial function of criminal justice. In carrying out that role, sentencing judges must strive to achieve the appropriate balance between delivering just sentences in the case at hand. We must do so,” Fagbemi said.

“So that sentencing at a systemic level is fair, while maintaining broad-level consistency with other cases. Sentencing guidelines and frameworks allow sentencing courts to strike a sometimes difficult balance. is best understood as a means of

He also expressed concern about the increasing number of petty offenders being remanded to prison alongside serious offenders, leading to them taking up a life of crime.

“Today, we have seen countless cases where defendants have been arrested for misdemeanors and locked up in jail, leaving even more inmates awaiting trial. These remanded as hardened criminals Instead of being rehabilitated, criminals end up starting a life of crime,” he added.

The AGF said the workshop aimed to reduce arbitrary punishment, promote uniformity of punishment, and use non-custodial measures to reduce the number of prisoners awaiting trial. The aim is to share knowledge on the effective use of

While the AGF charged participants with the need to prioritize the effective enforcement of criminal justice laws for maximum effectiveness, it noted that “to promote the application and effective use of non-custodial sentences, “The legal and regulatory framework must be effectively enforced,” he added.

“The success of any system of criminal justice administration depends on the level of effective implementation of guidelines by relevant agencies.

“Its purpose is also to give judges and magistrates greater discretion and discretion to inflict a suitable and purposeful punishment on the guilty person, apart from the punishment suggested by the statute giving rise to the crime. be.

“We hope that non-custodial measures and sentencing guidelines will be more operationally and effectively implemented to achieve the goals and objectives of reform in the criminal sector.”

The Criminal Justice Management Act was enacted and came into force on May 13, 2015.

The Act, in line with ACJA 2015, places particular emphasis on non-custodial sentences.

Source: guardian.ng

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