Environmental experts propose law requiring landowners to plant trees

Baffled by the threat environmental pollution poses to human survival, experts gathered in Ogun State on Wednesday to propose solutions to the menace.

At the 16th National Conference and Annual General Meeting of the Nigerian Institute of Landscape and Horticulture (NILH) held at the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, experts also supported lawmakers to pass a bill that would require landowners to plant trees on their premises. I asked for

In her keynote address, Dr. Elizabeth Augustus, Chancellor, Federal University of Agriculture, Moore Plantation, Ibadan, Oyo State, advocated green solutions to combat environmental pollution and called for action to curb its dire consequences.

Dr. Augustus gave a lecture on the theme of “urban greening and beautification as a strategy to control environmental pollution and climate change.” emphasized.

He added that the negative effects of environmental pollution on aquatic life, agricultural products and wildlife highlight the dangers it poses to human health.

She said: “Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, respiratory disease and increased hospitalization rates were identified as key concerns related to pollution.”

She proposes a strategic approach to environmental control, highlighting the vital role of plants in the global carbon cycle and their potential for climate change mitigation, while identifying greening and landscaping as important interventions. suggested.

She emphasized the need for phytoremediation, a plant-based method aimed at extracting and removing pollutants from soil.

“This innovative approach involves plants absorbing ionic compounds and expanding their root systems to accumulate heavy metals, effectively regenerating contaminated soils and stabilizing fertility.” she explained.

Similarly, NILH President Kola Quadri called on the National Assembly to pass a law mandating homeowners to plant at least one tree on their premises to combat the negative effects of climate change in Nigeria.

“Climate change in Nigeria is an alarming threat that is causing problems all over the world. This problem is not unique to Nigeria.

“Congress should enact a law that requires all homeowners to plant at least one tree in front of their homes. It should start with local governments, then the state. Let’s pass it,” he added.

Also, the Chairman, Ogun State Institute, Emmanuel Bankole, said the essence of the program was to sensitize policy makers to the impacts of climate change and suggest solutions.

Mr Bankole hinted that the institute would work with governments at all levels to ensure global warming is mitigated “so that we can protect the environment for ourselves and future generations”.

Source: dailypost.ng

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