Enugu: Teachers, economists praise Governor Mba on 2024 budget

Enugu: Teachers, economists praise Governor Mba on 2024 budget

The Enugu State Government's 2024 Budget has received positive reviews from the Labor Party, civil society organizations and economists, who hailed it as being popular and capable of turning around the state's fortunes.

Recall that Governor Dr. Peter Mba on Tuesday tabled the N521.5 billion 2024 Appropriation Bill in the Enugu State House of Assembly. The budget, which he dubbed the “Budget for Disruptive Economic Growth'', consists of capital expenditure of NOK 414.3 billion, which accounts for about 79% of the budget, and recurrent expenditure of NOK 107.2 billion, which accounts for about 21% of the budget. There is.

In terms of capital expenditure allocation, the economic sector and infrastructure topped the list with sector allocations of NOK 207.8 billion and NOK 182.9 billion, while education accounted for 73.6 percent of spending on the social sector and 33 percent of the total budget.

Reacting to the budget estimates, Comrade Theophilus Odo, Chairman, Enugu State Division of NUT, said: “The governor has shown great interest in education in all aspects. To be honest, during the last convocation of ESUT, when he said that more than 30 percent of the budget would be devoted to education, we almost I didn't believe him because nothing like that had ever happened anywhere in Nigeria before, including at the federal level. But this helped the leader bring this vitally important area to the attention it deserved. I was very happy and relieved.

“As the Governor rightly pointed out in his budget speech, education is one of the surest ways to sustainably eradicate poverty. By implication, this budget is for the benefit of children, teachers, and society as a whole. It belongs to.

“Therefore, on behalf of all teachers in Enugu State, I would like to extend a big ‘thank you’ to the Governor for his great vision for education in the state.”

Meanwhile, development economist Chibuzo Anyekwe said the budget was a testament to the Mbaha administration's comprehensive vision.

“The fiscal year 2024 budget estimate leans heavily towards inclusive growth as it leans towards 78-79 percent capital spending and 21 percent recurrent spending.

“If we look at capital spending, we are seeing significant increases in infrastructure in areas such as smart early education and functional Tier 1 health services.

“As most government transactions move from labor-intensive methods to technology-intensive delivery, it is useful to emphasize the reduction in underlying recurrent costs, which accounts for disruptive innovation.

“Massive infrastructure will emphasize the circulation of cash and the redistribution of income, returning governments to their fundamental duties as agents of economic distributive justice.

“This budget will bring about efficiency in resource utilization and optimization of resources, thereby controlling inflation,” Anyekwe said.

Peter Ugwu, director of communications and public awareness at the Center for Humanity, said: “The huge allocations to the social sector and the economy are a gesture of goodwill to lift people out of poverty and give them access to quality social services.” said.

“Huge investments are planned in education, infrastructure, health care, water and more, and this is a signpost for a people-oriented government. We will hold the government accountable if necessary,” the center said.

Source: dailypost.ng

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