Employers challenge government over constant strikes, lawsuits and invitations

The Nigeria Employers Consultative Association (NECA) has said it will not allow the federal government to destroy legitimate businesses through continued court cases and organized labor, consistent strike action and arbitrary inducements by the National Assembly.

Employers’ organizations said their actions and inactions had an impact on their businesses.

NECA Executive Director Adewale Smut Oyelinde said this at a press conference.

He said the recklessness of the government’s relationships with businesses, especially through the National Assembly, was extremely disappointing.

He appealed to the executive branch and Congress that the constant invitation of organized businesses is destructive and unnecessary, especially when there are institutions established to regulate and interact with businesses. .

Mr Oyelinde said the country needed to see the benefits of the reforms promised by the current government instead of non-stop inviting employers to Abuja.

He lamented that policy inconsistency is posing a major challenge to businesses, leading to many businesses and employers leaving the country.
He said successive governments had not fostered the political will to lead the country to sustainable growth.

The NECA chief lamented that the conspiracy against the country is so vast that only effective leadership is needed to deal with it.

Mr Oyerinde said all these gave rise to various reasons while the economy was not growing.

On why Nigeria is not doing the right thing, he said: “What is happening in Nigeria and where things are going wrong is all a matter of choice. But we’ve chosen to keep digging. All of this creates different dynamics while the economy is not growing.”

Regarding companies that left the country, he said many people lost their jobs and many were relocated along the value chain.

“This is a dangerous threat across the value chain that, if not conceptualized, could lead to the country’s ruin,” he said.

Source: guardian.ng

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