Ecuadorian president posts vice president in Israel for peace talks

Ecuadorian president posts vice president in Israel for peace talks

Quito’s government announced Friday that Ecuador’s vice president will take up his post in Tel Aviv to promote a peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians.

President Daniel Novoa, who took office Thursday for a shortened 18-month term, assigned the peace portfolio to Vice President Veronica Abad as his “sole mandate,” the statement said.

Abad announced that he would be working at the Ecuadorian embassy in Tel Aviv as a “cooperator of peace and prevention of escalation of the conflict between Israel and Palestine,” but did not say when or for how long he would travel.

Ecuador’s constitution provides that the vice president replaces the president in case of temporary or permanent absence, but otherwise performs duties assigned by the president.

“This decision is a historic milestone and sets a precedent for Ecuador’s important commitment to international peace, underscoring our determination to promote stability in regions affected by protracted conflict,” the government said. Ta.

However, national media have reported allegations of growing distance between Novoa and Abbado since his election victory in August.

After their inauguration on Thursday, both men held several official activities.

Mr. Novoa attended a luncheon at the presidential headquarters attended by about 600 guests, and Mr. Abbado went to a food market in Quito and had lunch with vendors.

The Ecuadorian government’s announcement comes amid an uneasy ceasefire between Israel and Hamas that has included the release of some hostages.

“We thank the Ecuadorian government for its efforts and interest in brokering peace for the Israeli people,” the Israeli embassy in Quito said on X (formerly Twitter).


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