Dreams Connect the World - Mr. Yang He's New Year's Greetings on the Journey of Global Brands

Dreams Connect the World – Mr. Yang He's New Year's Greetings on the Journey of Global Brands

The event broke away from tradition and seamlessly blended engaging speeches, visually appealing presentations, artistic performances, and interactive scenarios. Organized by China Brand Building Promotion Association and Silk Road Planning Research Center, and organized by China National Brand Network, the celebration emphasized “promoting Chinese brands to the world and contributing to a better life for mankind”. Nine prominent Chinese companies, including China Railway Vehicle General Corporation, Haier Group, and Jiangsu Yanghe Brewery Co., Ltd., shared their transformation journeys and insights.

Yanghe's global victory:

*Yanghe's expansion into the international arena has flourished over the past decade, with products now spread to 52 countries and regions around the world. The Yanghe Blue Classic series was introduced to Europe in 2015 and has established a presence in major economies with the support of a dedicated European warehouse in the Netherlands. Strategic participation in global events such as his ProWein in Germany and innovative promotional activities such as the “Night of Dream Blue” series have significantly increased Yanghe's global profile.

*Currently, Yang He has entered 52 countries and regions and frequently participates in many global activities such as China-US ping-pong diplomacy, Davos World Economic Forum, SCO Summit, G20 Summit, etc.

Yanghe’s visionary entrepreneurship:

*At the core of Yanghe's corporate philosophy is a “dream culture” that goes beyond “China's dream” to “our dream and the dream of our time.” This culture embodies national sentiment and a spirit of grand vision and fearless acceptance of the responsibilities of the times.

*During the celebration, Chairman Yang He

Zhang Liandong reflected on the 10th anniversary of the “One Belt, One Road” initiative. He shared a touching moment with former French Prime Minister Raffarin, highlighting the fusion of French romanticism and Chinese patriotism in what he called “blue devotion.” Raffarin praised Yanghe's Dream Blue as “the greatest gift of Sino-French friendship” and predicted that it would become a “gift to the world”, predicting that China's baijiu would become an elegant goblet around the world. did*.

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