Investigate Mr. Buhari to end hardship and corruption in Nigeria - Ayodele Primate speaks to Tinubu

“Don’t wait until Nigerians start stoning” – Ayodele primate urges Tinubu to end suffering

Leader of the INRI Evangelical Church, Chief Elijah Ayodele, has urged President Bola Tinubu to resolve Nigeria’s economic woes, stressing that he should not wait until Nigerians start stoning him. did.

He warned Tinubu to give top priority to the economic situation in the country as it is worsening day by day.

The pastor, in a statement by his spokesperson, Oluwatosin Osho, said there would be mass protests if the president did not resolve the issue.

He said people were starving and salaried workers could no longer survive on their income.

He asked the president not to wait until people start stoning him and all politicians to realize he needs to get to work.

“If Mr. Tinubu does not get to work immediately and find a way to solve the economic problems, there will be massive protests. Already the people are crying, salaried workers are not happy and the governor is They will be unable to pay salaries again.

“We have to do something now, not wait until they start stoning you and all the politicians. There is serious hunger in this land. Parts of Africa “It will affect other countries as well. The president should do what is necessary.”

Recall that during the presentation of the 2024 prophecy, Primate Ayodele recommended five areas for President Tinubu to focus on.

He said: “The Nigerian government must address five things in 2024 that will make this country great: stable light, improved security and purchase of arms, development of infrastructure facilities, agriculture (rich in food); It's job creation.”


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