Don Jazzy becomes furious when Rega asks him to adopt him.

Popular social media commentator Daniel Rega has asked famous record producer and music executive Don Jazzy to consider adoption.

Controversial critics said they were fine with Maybin’s boss not getting married, but argued that he should at least consider adopting a child to carry on his legacy.

He said becoming a parent was Don Jazzy’s top priority at the moment and that he should consider adoption.

Rega wrote on his X handle, “It doesn’t matter that Don Jazzy is not married, not everyone wants to be married.

“But he should at least adopt a child who will protect and carry on his legacy long after he’s gone.

“Becoming a father must be one of his top priorities right now, and adopting is always an option. No offense.”

Don Jazzy, clearly offended by his advice, responded: “Since you don’t have a father figure, please let me adopt Daniel.” That’s a great nuisance. ”

DAILY POST recalls that Don Jazzy’s father, Mr. Collins Enebeli Ajere, said in a recent interview that he is not pressuring his 40-year-old son to get married.

He said marriage is a personal decision.


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