DNA test: Mohubado's father pleads with Nigerians for financial help (video)

DNA test: Mohubado’s father pleads with Nigerians for financial help (video)

Joseph Arroba, father of the late singer Mohabado, has appealed to the public for help funding DNA tests to confirm his grandson Liam’s true parentage.

Aruba, who made the plea in an interview with popular Ibadan-based broadcaster Oriyomi Hamzat, also appealed to Nigerians not to abandon his son in his fight for justice.

Mr Aroba stressed the need for the tests to be carried out in two different hospitals, but stressed that he would not be able to accept his grandson Liam if it belonged to another man.

When I asked him what he wanted Nigerians to do, he said, “I want to make sure that Nigerians who are fighting for justice for Mokhubado don’t get tired. I want them to support me because I can’t do it alone.” answered.

“They should help us figure out what killed my son. I also want him to have a DNA test because I don’t want to accept an illegitimate child.

“I need help. As a father, I have to arrange money for the DNA to be taken, and I want the DNA to be taken in two separate locations. Talk to a lawyer. Did.”

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Source: dailypost.ng

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