Prepare for detailed budget defense - Adeleke instructs ministers

Disinfecting medical practice against quackery – from Adeleke to the experts

Osun State Governor, Ademola Adeleke, has ordered health workers to work with the government to disinfect their health workers.

He called on medical professionals to support the government in eradicating the menace of quackery in the medical field.

The governor made this accusation at the opening ceremony of the National Executive Council (NEC) meeting of the National Association of Government General Medical and Dental Practitioners (NAGMDP) held in Osogbo on Saturday.

Represented by the Special Adviser on Public Health, Dr. Akindele Adekunle, Mr. Adeleke said that while outlining the enormous responsibility that rests on the shoulders of doctors in society, quacks and half-hearted doctors in any form will be encouraged within the association. He argued that it shouldn’t be done.

In his words, “As a professional, backed by law and a code of ethics, you have a great responsibility and are given the scope and gavel to save lives, even before you use a scalpel in theater.” I am.

“The fact is that fraud often causes irreversible damage to the victim’s body systems before it reaches the table. I am committed to stopping this in our country. I believe that we must cooperate.

“While the Government is tackling the remarkable challenge of providing sustainable solutions, I am calling on behalf of the public to this council and to remind the public that, just as patients always rely on their doctors, there is fraud within the system. We urge you to do everything within your professional reach to combat this threat.”

Governor Adeleke, while appreciating the members of the association for supporting and providing services to his administration, expressed his commitment to devise a comprehensive approach to adequately address the challenges facing the members of the association. He announced that he is working on it.

In his words, “We know that the challenges you are experiencing extend beyond the recent approval of hazard pay for health care workers in our state.”


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