Demonstrate leadership and be health conscious – From AIG to newly joined ASP

Zone 6 Calabar Police Superintendent Jonathan Towle called on the newly promoted Assistant Superintendent of Police to demonstrate practical leadership qualities and maintain discipline in the police force.

While addressing the 47 Assistant Superintendents who officially joined the Zonal Command Officers Mess as members, Towle charged them to understand that their new positions come with greater responsibility.

In his advice to new ASPs, Towle said:

“You have to serve in this leadership role because you can be posted anywhere in the country. You have to maintain police discipline.”

“Many police officers tend to be careless about their health. They need to listen to their doctor’s advice, make sure they get regular check-ups, exercise, and eat well.”

He also cautioned them to maintain the standards and rules operating in the officers’ council.

In his advice, former Police Commissioner Gabriel Achon also expressed sadness at the decline in discipline within the force and bad public dress habits.

“Many police officers wear official uniforms that are inappropriate. Some wear slippers or jumbled uniforms during official hours.”

“At that time, there were 10 police stations in Calabar and the ASP was in charge of them. So, you have to be disciplined to lead the public.

“Do not encourage favoritism. Do not destroy jobs and institutions.”

Earlier, DCP General Assembly Chief Abayomi Shogunle Mess described the Officers Assembly Hall as a “court of injustice”, a place where every move is a crime.

He said it is mandatory for all police officers to belong to Mess, adding that Mess has three levels, including police officers, inspectors and rank and file Mess.

Speaking on behalf of the Hall of Fame inductees, two ASPs, Benedict Okwuoche and Lucy Ejuba, said that promotion and induction into the Hall of Fame is a great challenge and that they will work hard to maintain the trust placed in them. Stated.

The 47 inductees were given the Oath of Allegiance.


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