Demolition of Lagos: “Supports Biafra Independence” – IPOB to South East Government, Ohanaeze, NASS

Demolition of Lagos: “Supports Biafra Independence” – IPOB to South East Government, Ohanaeze, NASS

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) on Monday called on Ohanaeze Ndigbo, governors and members of parliament in the South East to support the move towards achieving Biafra.

IPOB made this statement while condemning the demolition of building structures belonging to the Ibos tribe in Lagos.

IPOB spokesperson Emma Powerful said the destruction of Igbo markets was a sign that the Igbo people were no longer needed in Nigeria.

A statement from Powerful reads in part: “We, the global movement and family of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), condemn the economic sabotage of Ndigbo by the Lagos State Government and the silence of Governor Ohanaeze Ndigbo and the National Assembly,” said the member from the South-East.

“The criminal silence of Igbo leaders shows that they are either cowardly or tacitly supporting economic sabotage against Ndigbo.

“Unfortunately, neither Igbo politicians nor Mr. Ohanaeze Ndigbo publicly defended the people from the humiliation and intimidation from the Lagos State government. What has brought them to this submissive and despicable situation of not being able to unanimously condemn the ethnic profiling and systematic destruction of Ndigbo assets by the state government? Why do they claim and defend being part of the same Nigeria? Are they afraid to protect Ndigbo in the same Nigeria that is desperately trying to protect them?

“Igbo politicians, governors, senators, representatives, Ohaneze Ndigbo world leaders, traditional rulers, businessmen and religious leaders held a meeting and invited Igbo businessmen and people to Lagos State. We should talk about how to secure investments. Yoruba groups and politicians are working together for this against Ndigbo in Lagos State. Therefore, our people should be aware that the We must stand up against this behavior.

“The same winds that forced the Biafran people in the 1960s to declare an independent state of Biafra from the abominable Animal Republic of Nigeria are blowing again. At the same time as the Ndigbo in the north are being systematically and quietly murdered, the houses of Ndigbo in Lagos State and Markets were destroyed and forcibly seized by state governments.Nigeria will not survive this new Igbophobia and plan of ethnic extermination against Ndigbo.Successive governments in Nigeria have tried hard to suffocate Ndigbo. As a result, Nigeria will gradually fall into the abyss while Ndigbo and the Biafrans will continue to win.

“The targeted demolition of properties belonging to Ndigbo and the illegal and repeated locking of Igbo markets in Lagos demonstrate that Ndigbo is no longer needed in Nigeria. To avoid this, the international community, the United Nations, the AU and ECOWAS should rise to the occasion and call for the peaceful separation of Biafra from Nigeria through a UN-monitored referendum.”


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