David Mark praises Moro's emergence as Senate Minority Leader

Former Senate President David Mark described Sen. Abba Moro’s rise to the position of Senate Minority Leader as a remarkable achievement.

Mr Moro took over the role of minority leader on Tuesday, replacing David Mark in the Senate following the resignation of Senator Simon Mwadokwon from Plateau.

Mark made the remarks in a congratulatory message signed by his special adviser Paul Mume.

“This is a testament to your outstanding leadership skills, unwavering dedication, and the confidence of your colleagues.

“Your promotion to this important position is a testament to the respect and admiration you have earned throughout your distinguished career.

“Your commitment to public service, tireless advocacy for your constituents, and ability to bridge gaps make you an exemplary choice for the role of Minority Leader.”

The former Senate President added: “As a minority leader, you will definitely face many challenges and responsibilities.

Mark described Moro as a suitable successor, saying, “I am confident that you will excel in your new role as Minority Leader.”

The former Senate President implored Abba Moro to continue to significantly improve the lives of his constituents.

Source: dailypost.ng

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