Dancer Korra Obi criticizes her ex-husband for not paying 50% of her son's school fees (video)

Dancer Korra Obi has criticized her ex-husband for allegedly not paying 50% of their children's school fees.

In a video shared online, Korra alleged that Justin Dean did not contribute to his children's health, food and other care. She said she recently received an email from their daughter at June's school that Justin hadn't paid her own part of her school fees and that they might have to expel her. She said all she's asking is that Justin pays child support.

She said if Justin has money to pay for a lawyer, why can't he pay $850?

''I have been paying school fees for June since July. In fact, he just stopped paying and didn't tell anyone until the school emailed me that they were expelling June from school. So I told them 'Please send me all the bills he didn't pay' and from then on, I started paying them in full from the middle of the year until the end of the year and he still didn't pay. I'm not lying, I have the payment receipts.' I have nothing to do with this man if not for my daughters.

Speaking further, she said;

''Thank God for independence and thank God for saving me. I have no business with him, I can take care of myself. I don't want your alimony, I don't want your alimony. I just want you to pay your 50%''

Watch the video below…


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