Crocodile savages woman to death as she waded through infested river with friends

Crocodile attacks woman to death as she crosses infested river with friends

A woman was brutally killed by a crocodile after entering a river.

Jennifer Selengo, 33, was with a group of friends when she waded in the waters of the Bua River, in the Nkhotakota district of Malawi, and a crocodile violently attacked her.

The women and some nearby bystanders did their best to free Jennifer from the reptile's jaws in a rescue attempt.

Tragically, the attempt to save her proved futile and the woman, a native of Zozo village in Dowa, succumbed to her injuries and died.

Jennifer is not the only woman to be attacked by a large reptile since the start of 2024. A Florida woman was attacked in the United States by an alligator while trying to save a dog, leaving her bloodied and bruised – but thankfully still alive.

Gwen Cash was taking her Rottweiler dog, Maximus, for a walk near her Pembroke Pines home when the alligator quickly approached her pet. Fortunately, she was able to think quickly to save her dog and protected him by putting her arm around his chest while the crocodile aimed for her neck.

The pet owner managed to pull the dog out and take it back inside, but she was left with open wounds on her arm after the animal scratched her.


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