Croatia detains Czech man over deadly blast

Croatia detains Czech man over deadly blast

Croatian police said on Friday that a Czech man had been detained in Croatia for allegedly entering a military restricted area and taking explosives that later detonated, killing a child.

The explosion, which happened on Wednesday near the central Czech coastal city of Zadar, killed a Czech nine-year-old child and injured three adults who were in the same car.

According to police, the 46-year-old suspect was traveling in a car with family and friends, including the boy, when he took the boy into a restricted area of ​​a military training ground and “brought an explosive device into his possession.”

“The suspect then placed it in his vehicle himself,” they continued.

Later, when the car broke down on a nearby road, a child passenger removed explosives from the car.

The bomb exploded, killing him on the spot and injuring three others in the group.

Local media reported that the boy was the suspect's son.

Croatian police said the man “failed to follow warnings clearly written in Croatian and English in designated danger zones at a military training ground.”

They said he was charged with “serious criminal activity” and “endangering life and property.”

An investigation is underway, including forensic tests to identify the type of explosive device, they added.

Czech authorities confirmed the accident and the arrests.

“We can confirm that a Czech national has been detained in connection with Wednesday's explosion in the Zadar area.”

“Given the fact that a child died in the incident, we will not provide any information,” Czech foreign ministry spokesman Daniel Drake told AFP.

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