Court to hear liquidation petition against company December 12th

The Federal High Court in Lagos yesterday adjourned until December 12 the hearing of a petition seeking the winding up of a company known as Rungas Green Technology Limited.

Justice Yerim Bogoro fixed the new date following an application from Mr Kolade Owolabi, the lawyer for the petitioner, Tetracore Energy Limited.

The petitioner’s prayer, which was addressed in the notice motion dated October 3, 2023, is that “the petition filed in this action in one national daily newspaper and one other newspaper in circulation dated September 29, 2023 An order of the court granting permission to the petitioner to advertise. Published in Lagos State and/or Official Gazette. ”

Granting this request, Justice Bogoro stated: “In view of the nature of this action, which seeks permission to publicize this court, and because it is urgent in nature, I hereby fix December 12th for the hearing of this motion.”

“I also order that notices of hearing be issued to all respondents.”

The applicant supported the motion in an October 3 affidavit sworn by Babatunde Fasasi, a litigation officer at Davids & Co law firm.

He averred that the appellant filed an appeal dated September 29, 2023 seeking closure of the case.

Mr Fasasi vowed: “The petition has been served on the defendant and proof of service is already part of the court record.

“The petition was accompanied by a verification affidavit filed by the petitioner’s lawyer and the same was also served on the respondent.

“It has become appropriate for the petitioner to advertise the petition in one national newspaper and one other newspaper published in Lagos State and/or in the Official Gazette.

“If this application is granted, justice will be served.

“Even if this application is granted, the defendant will not be disadvantaged in any way.”

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