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Justice Phoebe Ayuba of the Federal High Court in Port Harcourt has ordered the rift parties in the Rivers House of Assembly to maintain the status quo pending the hearing of the notice motions filed by the new Speaker of the House of Representatives and the Speaker of the House of Assembly along with the suit. Houses of Parliament.

Ruling on the motions filed in the suit, the trial judge held that none of the parties of record should do anything on the matter as all parties are expected to respect the court. commanded.

The suit sought a declaration that the new speaker and the parliament itself, among other things, that the former speaker and his former delegates, who were removed and suspended from the House, had no right to participate, obstruct, interfere, or obstruct. It entails the conduct of legislative procedures in the House of Representatives and the legislative duties of the new Speaker in accordance with Articles 90 to 104 of the Nigerian Constitution.

They also sought an order restraining two former principal officers of the House from interfering with or participating in the functioning of Parliament.

The Inspector General of Police and the Director of National Security are also parties.

The notified motion is now set for November 27, 2023 for public hearing.

The Rivers State House of Assembly is facing a leadership crisis following disagreements arising from the attempted impeachment of the state Governor, Mr. Simu Hubala, by the former leadership of the House of Representatives, with the removal of the former Speaker and the election of His Highness Prince Edison. linked. The new speaker is Ehie.

Proceedings have since been adjourned and the House has not been in session. Analysts said the former speaker and his followers should not take the law into their own hands following the lawsuit and court order.

Justice Ayua had earlier ordered the Rivers State House of Assembly, the Speaker and the Deputy Speaker not to take any further action regarding the impeachment of the state governor.

Rivers State is pending judgment in the case brought by Amadi Kodi Madubuchi and Goya Oruka.

The applicants, in a suit marked FHC /PH/CS/234/2023 filed by their lawyer, Eric O’Mere, prayed to the court for the following relief: Staying the termination of any proceedings and/or issuance of any directives relating to the impeachment or removal of the Seventh and Eighth Defendants pending the hearing and final determination of the notice motions filed in this action.

“The 4th Defendant accepts and/or is obligated to accept any instructions, orders or notices from the 1st, 2nd, 9th and 4th Defendants in connection with any process purporting to be excluded. Preliminary injunction restraining the 7th and 8th defendants from carrying out their duties as Governor and Deputy Governor of Rivers State pending
Hearing and determination of notice motions.

“The 5th, 6th and 9th Defendants execute any directions, notices or orders issued by the 1st, 2nd or 3rd Defendants or any officer acting on their behalf in connection with the removal of the 7th and 8th Defendants. An order restraining them from doing so or interfering with their actions is pending hearing and final determination of the motion for notice filed in this action.

“And as to any other or further orders that this Honorable Court considers appropriate to make in the circumstances of this contempt.”

After reading the affidavit in support of the motion sworn by Mr. Amadi Godi Madubuchi and hearing Mr. EK Omale for the plaintiff/applicant, the court ordered as follows:
“An order is passed directing the plaintiff/applicant to immediately notify the defendant.

“However, this matter has already been heard by this court and pending hearing and judgment, all parties on record are directed to respect the court and not take any action regarding the subject matter of this case.” Motion for Notice. ”


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