Plateau: Court of Appeal decision against Ebony Guber is very predictable – PDP’s Bwala

Court of Appeal verdict on Plateau poll challenges Supreme Court supremacy – Bwala

Constitutional Lawyer Daniel Bwala said on Monday that the Court of Appeal’s judgment on the Plateau State elections calls into question the authority of the Supreme Court as the final court in the land.

Bwala said this in an interview with Arise TV.

He noted that the Court of Appeal had decided to set aside pre-election issues in election petitions filed in Benue, Ebonyi and some other jurisdictions, respecting the authority of the Supreme Court. He expressed doubts that the court had jurisdiction over the matter. Plateau.

He said: “If this Plateau State case goes to the Supreme Court, it will be a case of Supreme Court vs. Court of Appeals.

“It has more to do with the sanctity and integrity of the Supreme Court itself because it has to decide whether the judgments handed down by the Presidential Election Tribunal will be enforced in the lower courts of Nigeria.

“They made it clear that a decision by a final court is called final law. If it is not decided by a final court, it is not settled law.

“But once the decision is taken in the final court, it is cast in stone. So the Supreme Court has to decide whether the Court of Appeal is above it or above the Court of Appeal. ”

He added, “If you think about the public’s trust in the judiciary, that trust is gradually waning.

“The court in Ebonyi, the court in Benue and all the other places can follow the judgment of the Supreme Court, but in Plateau State, the Court of Appeal did not follow the judgment of the Supreme Court on the pre-election issue.

“Everyone involved in pre-elections was sued before the Supreme Court, including double nominations, falsifying certificates, and even those who were questioning how someone showed up in the primary. But the Supreme Court held the same position, and they argued vehemently.

“So it will be interesting to see what the Supreme Court says with similar enthusiasm.

“During Judge Tobi’s time, they never failed to discipline the courts below them when they disobeyed the decisions rendered by them.”


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