Court blocks Kwara chief’s removal as head of the family

A High Court in Ilorin has ordered Alhaji Aliyu Abdullahi Kpotwa, the Traditional Ruler of Edu Local Government Area of ​​Etu in Kwara and Tsalagi States, to remove or in any way deal with the skull of Mr. Ndazoko. A preliminary injunction was issued. Alhaji Attahiru Haruna Abdulkadir, Emirate of Tsalagi;

The court, headed by Justice IA Yusuf, also ordered the parties to suit KWS/455/2023 to maintain status quo pending the hearing and determination of the notified motion.

The claimant, Alhaji Attahiru Abdulkadir, is also the chairman of the Emirati Kingmakers and was appointed in 2016 and wears a turban.

The order also restrained the Sheikh from dealing with the land belonging to the plaintiff (Alhaji Abdulkadir) pending the hearing and determination of the notification complaint.

The preliminary injunction states in part: “Pending the hearing and determination of the application, the first defendant shall not appoint or appoint a parallel or new Ndazoko to the second defendant (Tetengi Tahidi Ndazoko) or Tsalagi. “A preliminary injunction restraining us from doing anything.” News.

“This is an interim injunction restraining the second defendant from publicly parading himself as the head of the Ndazoko family until the hearing and determination of the petition in the notice is over,” it said.

The plaintiff’s lawyer, IB Ayegbami, unilaterally transferred the application, but the court considered the transfer and decided to grant the application.

Justice Yusuf then adjourned the matter until December 12, 2023, for hearing of the motion on the notices already filed.


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