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Controversial Ugandan pastor shot dead for 'attempted murder'

An influential Ugandan pastor and outspoken supporter of President Yoweri Museveni was shot, leaving his bodyguard dead and hospitalized, police said Wednesday.

Aloysius Bugingo was shot dead on Tuesday night when “unidentified assailants opened fire on (his) car…and then quickly fled the scene on a motorbike,” Uganda police said.

They said an investigation had been launched into the “attempted murder of Pastor Aloysius Bugingo and the unfortunate killing of his bodyguard, Muhumuza Richard”.

Bugingo is a controversial figure in Uganda, where he heads the Ministry of Prayer, one of the most influential Pentecostal churches in the religious East African country.

He also has his own television and radio channels, which he uses to unconditionally support Museveni, who has ruled Uganda since 1986.

“Despite being injured during the attack, Pastor Aloysius Bugingo managed to take his vehicle to Mulago Hospital,” the police added.

“Unfortunately, his bodyguard, Mr. Muhumuza Richard, succumbed to the assault and was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital.”

They said Bugingo was “receiving medical treatment and is under close monitoring.”

Mr. Bugingo's support for the president, and more recently for his son, who is seen as a possible successor, regularly draws the ire of opponents, with the pastor openly criticizing them in his sermons.

Source: guardian.ng

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