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Conscription: Army arrests three candidates with fraudulent birth certificates

The Nigerian Army has announced the arrest of three candidates who attempted to use fake certificates of origin to secure vacancies earmarked for candidates from Lagos State.

Major General Onyema Nwachukwu,
The Chief of Army Public Relations said in a statement that the misconduct committed by the three candidates who sought to reserve vacancies earmarked for candidates who are indigenes of Lagos State is a gross violation of the recruitment process and will not be tolerated. notified.

He said the arrest of fraudulent candidates was a result of the Army's commitment to maintaining a transparent and reliable recruitment process in line with its core values ​​of integrity and fairness.

“This video shows one of the processes that candidates go through to ensure that we only hire truly indigenous people from a particular state, using that state's slots and not non-Indigenous people.” he stated.

Therefore, this viral video itself shows that this process is transparent as state legislators who are prominent members of the hiring team are part of the process and are given unhindered access to carry out their duties. He said this clearly shows that. Scrutinize candidates' origins to ensure that their indigenous claims are genuine.

“The duty of state representatives is to identify non-Indigenous people among the candidates applying for recruitment, and this also applies to other states of the federation,” he said.

“We want to assure the public that a thorough investigation will be conducted to confirm the scope of these wrongdoings and identify the individuals and unscrupulous organizations involved.

“We are committed to ensuring that only the most qualified and deserving candidates are selected to serve in NA.”

The military will continue to work closely with relevant authorities to ensure those responsible for this misconduct are held accountable, the statement said, adding that those responsible will be handed over to the appropriate prosecutors.

NA is committed to adhering to the rule of law and ensuring that justice is served, and we ensure that all candidates have honesty and integrity throughout the recruitment process, as any attempt to manipulate the recruitment process will result in a fine. He said that he asked them to adhere to the principles of The full force of the law was given.


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