Self confessed satanist who ate two kids after they were stabbed 666 times is set free by Putin because he fought in Ukraine war

A self-confessed cannibalistic Satanist convicted of killing and devouring two children has been freed by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Nikolay Ogolobyak, 33, who dismembered teenagers, was released from prison by Putin after the convict fought in the Ukraine war.

He was the eldest of a sect of Satanists in Yaroslavl made up of six other members.

Satanists killed three girls and a boy (pictured below) aged 16 and 17, after engaging in animal sacrifices and digging up human graves.

Each of the teenagers was drugged and stabbed 666 times with daggers, dismembered and then cooked over a fire in a revolting Satanist ritual carried out over two nights.

The criminals, including Ogolobyak, recited a Satanist text found on the Internet.

Their limbs, hearts, scalp, breasts and genitals were cut off and recovered from a pit along with the body of a small rodent crucified on an upside-down cross.

The cult told police that the Devil would protect them as they “made many sacrifices to him.”

Prosecutors said the killers posed with their victims’ bodies for photos and one of them allegedly “bathed” in the victims’ blood.

A court found Ogolobyak guilty of murdering two people and he was convicted of desecrating the bodies and cemeteries of the dead.

He was sentenced in 2010 to 20 years in a maximum security penal colony.

Given his time in custody, he should be released in 2028, at age 39.

But he signed up for Putin’s war in Ukraine knowing that if he served six months and avoided death, he would be a free man.

In Russia, a convicted person can only be pardoned and released with Putin’s personal signature.

Since the controversial prisoners’ law was enacted, Putin has freed thousands of murderers and rapists, but Ogolobyak is the first known Satanist cannibal killer to be pardoned.

Ogolobyak was injured in the war but is now free, his father admitted.

The Satanist returned home on November 2nd with a “serious wound”.

His father said: “He served there for six months in Storm Z…. “After being injured (he is) disabled. “He could walk, but the injury was serious…. he is recovering. “It’s unlikely they’ll take him to (war) again.”


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