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Community petitions Obolewori over SSG to avert another crisis at Delta Air Lines

The Ore community of Delta has called on the state governor, Sheriff Obolewori, to stop the Chief Secretary to the State Government (SSG), Dr. Kingsley Emu, from stirring up crisis in the town.

The appeal is contained in a petition to the governor by some leaders of Ore, Isoko South Local Government of Delta State, a copy of which was made available to newsmen on Friday.

In a petition signed by four leaders on behalf of the community, they claimed that the SSG:

It was an act that was unfairly interfering with Oreha's leadership succession and had the potential to destroy the peace of the town.

The petition was signed by Chief Zakiye Okpa on behalf of the community. Mr. Osibi Henry, Mr. Anthony Oke, and Mr. Ayo Ubara.

However, in a telephone interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), SSG denied all the charges against him in the petition to the governor.

The petitioners wrote: “Sir, it has become expedient for me to report the prejudicial interference of the SSG, Dr. Kingsley Emu in the Ore issue and to write you as community and peace loving people. Acts that threaten our peace and survival.

“Sir, it is worth noting that Delta Air Lines needs relative peace given the recent despicable acts and attacks the country has witnessed at this time.

“As Chief National Security Officer, it is very dangerous for Your Excellency to remain silent, because against the SSG who suddenly brought forth questionable intentions and vested interests to fight our collective interests against Ore. Because a lot of fingers are already being pointed at it.

“In this context, we respectfully appeal to the Governor, Hon. I put it out.

“The SSG must end this false sense of hopelessness and remain uncoerced and neutral on issues that could otherwise affect us.”

Regarding the community succession issue that the SSG is accused of intervening in, the petitioners argue that Chief Believe Arakuri, a former chairman of the Ore Community Development Union (OCDU), will take power when his term expires in December 2023. He said he refused to let go.

They alleged that Mr. Arakuri, by hiding under the influence of government tools, violated current law, which states that elections must be held at least three months before the end of a term.

The petitioners said Mr. Arakuri intended to impose his stooges as community leaders rather than conduct elections.

They claimed that after five years in the management position, Mr. Arakuri also failed to provide explanations to Oreha residents as required by the constitution.

“Without resorting to impartiality or traditional spreads, he made biased appointments by installing his cousin as chairman, undisclosed ally, secretary, and other members of the Ole Election Committee, thereby It violated the constitution.

“This unwholesome appointment was made on the grounds that an evil plan was afoot to implant proxies in his successor,” they claimed.

The petitioners said that in order to avert crisis in the wake of the violation, members of the aggrieved community secured a valid order from the Delta State Chief Magistrate Court to redress the wrong.

Specifically, they said Chief Magistrate B.O. Williams ordered that an interim body take over the leadership of the association, in line with the provisions of the OCDU constitution.

They said the court directed the interim body to hold the OCDU's annual conference and conduct elections for the association's leadership within three months, as required by the constitution.

The petitioners said that rather than complying with the court's orders, Arakuri and one of the chiefs, Joe Araushi, came forward with the story that Ore town's leadership crisis had political overtones.

They alleged that both Mr. Arakuri and Mr. Alausi led the government to believe that the leadership's violations in Ore had ties to the party.

“Your Excellency, it is sad, alarming and extremely unfortunate that Dr. Kingsley Emu (SSG) has been brainwashed and misguided.”

“Unfortunately, Dr. Kingsley Emu intentionally made several phone calls to midwives and held meetings in violation of our Constitution, with the exception of a call to the late Chief Justice of the Peace, Mr. B.O. Williams (before his death). He was threatening and ordering what he should do.

“Sir, if Dr. Kingsley Emu denies this fact, we will apply to the court for a license to our network provider to generate calls within this specified time.

“Last we checked, the SSG was not assigned the daunting task of peacebuilding and conflict resolution in Delta State. The signal is crystal clear.

“He must end this false sense of hopelessness and remain unforced and neutral on issues that, if done poorly, could affect the party tomorrow,” the petitioners said.

In its reaction in a telephone interview with NAN, the SSG said it was aware of the petition but said the allegations were baseless.

Mr. Emu said he stepped into the community crisis to maintain peace because the state cannot afford a repeat of the Okuma and Okoroba crisis.

“We know about the trial, but we cannot sit by and watch this crisis worsen.”

“Without affecting the case in court, we convened all parties for a meeting. We did so to resolve the crisis through arbitration.

“We have intervened in similar incidents, such as the Isoko incident, to resolve crises amicably and peacefully between the parties to the conflict, and we will continue to intervene to ensure peaceful coexistence.

“I am an SSG and a peace loving person. I cannot take sides with any political party. The governor has confidence in me. I am not frivolous, reckless or irresponsible,” he said. Said

The SSG said the accusations came from misguided people who wanted to fan the flames of crisis in the community.

“The main cause of the crisis is resources. It's about oil, leadership conflicts, and boundaries.

“We will not take any legal steps to ensure peace in the country.”


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