Church cancels wedding over pregnant bride in Abia

Church cancels wedding because of pregnant bride in Abia

There was confusion at the Assemblies of God Church, Ehere, Ogbor Hill, Aba, Abia State, on Sunday, November 26, when the priest of the church identified as Reverend Eze Ogba refused to marry a bride and groom, due to reports that the bride was pregnant.

Vanguard reports that the couple identified as Mr. Isreal Kennedy and his fiancée, Miss. Rose, as well as her relatives, went to the church for the ceremony that was scheduled to be held after the church service. The problems began when church leadership ordered a pregnancy test to be performed on the bride, which later revealed that she was pregnant.

Following the development of events, the Church priest announced that the wedding had been cancelled. The church leadership also announced the couple’s suspension.

The situation caused confusion in the church, as the families made frantic efforts to get the church management to rescind the decision, while the priest was seen interviewing the bride who claimed her innocence. The families of the groom and the briber reportedly went to a nearby church that held the wedding. The new church also hosted the reception ceremony.

A church member who spoke on condition of anonymity said it is the Assemblies of God Church’s tradition not to hold weddings for pregnant brides, regardless of their status.

“It is the tradition of the Assembly of God Church not to marry pregnant brides, it is nothing new. The bride and groom who presented themselves for the wedding knew that the Church could not unite them in marriage because the bride was already pregnant. They were to gather after the service, when the results of the church-ordered test were ready. After carrying out a pregnancy test on the bride, the church discovered that she was pregnant and announced that the wedding was cancelled.”

Some church members who considered the enormous amount spent by the families in preparing for the ceremony said the church should have gone ahead with the ceremony and later disciplined the couple.


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