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Christian elders link insecurity to foreign invasion

• New constitution calls for special investigation into murder cases
• Katsina government accuses community of exposing terrorist informants

The National Christian Elders Forum (NCEF) has linked the insecurity across the country to the activities of foreign invaders.

This comes as Katsina State Governor Dikko Radda has called on communities beset by security challenges to complement government efforts to combat the threat by busting terrorist informants. It was something.

The NCEF observed that bloodshed in the country involving indigenous Christians, Muslims and traditionalists proved that indigenous peoples have the same enemy.

The Christian Federation also distanced itself from claims by the Northern Elders Forum (NEF) that President Bola Tinubu has “let down the nation”. Therefore, they regretted voting for him in the 2023 election.

Speaking at a press conference in Abuja yesterday, the Forum Chairman, Dr. Samuel Ghani, said permanent amendments to the 1999 Constitution by the National Assembly should be halted to allow for the work of formulating a new constitution.

He said the problems facing Nigeria are complex and it is clear that the country faces a systematic invasion by foreign forces disguised as religious extremists.

A former deputy governor of Plateau state said, “There are data that hundreds of ethnic villages have been captured by foreign Fulani people in Plateau and Kaduna states.

“Land owners were forced into Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camps and village names were changed to Fulani names. In Plateau, more than 102 villages were reportedly captured by Fulani invaders. Meanwhile, over 109 villages in Kaduna have been eliminated.

“The recent visit of Hamas terrorists to Nigeria raises concerns about the government's efforts in the fight against terrorism, bearing in mind that Hamas is not the Palestinian Authority and does not represent the Palestinian people in any legislative capacity. . Even if the Buhari administration did not take action, what stopped the Tinubu administration from dismantling the terrorist camps?”

The NCEF called on Nigeria's indigenous Muslims to consider the issues raised soberly and take a position that is in the long-term best interest of their ethnic group.

“What is happening now is more than religion. The enemy is foreign invaders. The murders that are happening in Nigeria are not indigenously motivated. Unfortunately, some of the local actors “While some were manipulated into thinking they were pursuing a religious purpose, the puppeteers had no religious purpose in mind at all,” he added.

The Forum also called on the President to implement the 2014 National Assembly report without delay.

The Forum pointed out that nomadic cattle farming should be banned immediately and further called for the RUGA project to be abolished.
RADDA believes that unless informants first divulge vital information to them, terrorists living outside the affected communities will not be able to attack such areas, kill people, kidnap animals or He said it was impossible to make a noise.

The governor was speaking during the Salah Durbar event held at the Old Government House in the state capital.

He reiterated that the fight against terrorism and related crimes cannot be won unless those affected expose the informants living among them.

“We cannot win the war on terrorism unless we provide security forces with critical information that helps them deal with the situation. One way to do that is to expose the informants among you.”

“If the informant is not exposed and the terrorists end up killing someone, the Almighty will not forgive them for refusing to expose the informant who provided the information to operate in the first place,” he said. Stated.


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