China says EU export policy is 'meaningless'

China says EU export policy is 'meaningless'

China said on Wednesday, on the eve of a high-level summit in the Chinese capital, that the European Union's export policy towards China “makes no sense”.

Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang said: “If the EU wants to impose severe restrictions on exports of high-tech products to China on the one hand, and significantly increase exports to China on the other hand, it makes no sense. I think so.'' Wenbin said.

European Union Prime Minister Ursula von der Leyen, EU diplomat Josep Borrell and European Council President Charles Michel will travel to Beijing on Thursday for an EU-China summit.

It will be the first direct summit between Brussels leaders and Chinese President Xi Jinping and Premier Li Qiang since 2019, and one of the key topics will be trade.

“European leaders will not tolerate an imbalance in trade relations over time,” von der Leyen told AFP in an interview ahead of the talks.

“But we want a negotiated solution,” she added.

“China is a reliable and indispensable partner for the EU,” Wang said at a regular press conference on Wednesday.

“Appropriately addressing differences through dialogue and consultation is important for the development of China-EU relations,” he said.

“We encourage the European side to cooperate with China to hold interim talks, foster a positive atmosphere for the success of the China-EU summit, and make joint efforts for the healthy and stable development of China-EU relations. I look forward to it.'' he added.


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