Chan distances himself from media reports calling for Governor Mutofan to resign

Former Plateau State Governor, Senator Jonah Jang, on Thursday distanced himself from media reports that he had advised incumbent Governor Caleb Muthofang to resign.

He also said that no one could imagine that he (Mr Chan) would consider advising Governor Muthofan, who is raising standards of governance to a new level, to hand over power to a group of people who have failed to govern. That would be ridiculous,” he said. People’.

Chan denied the report through a media consultant in Jos, the state capital, Clinton Garba.

“Our attention has been drawn to reports that Sen. Jonah David Jean has recommended that Governor Caleb Mutofan resign, as well as a fabricated article that can best be described as a daydream,” he said. said.

“We initially wanted to ignore this publication. Our readers know the integrity of the former governor and his love for democracy and good governance, and that it was the hallmark of the state. “I strongly believed that the government would easily find holes in the story and ignore the falsehoods that were deliberately being spread.” Since taking office on May 29, 2023, Caleb Mutfan, Barrister for the Government has come into power due to misleading statements and the fact that some gullible readers will mistake it for truth.

“For the avoidance of doubt, this entire article is completely false and exists only in the writer’s imagination.”

“We are against the demonic attempt to usurp the judiciary by dark forces seeking to subvert the will of the people of Plateau who freely voted for the PDP in the last election and eliminated the APC who spent eight years doing nothing. I’m not unaware of similar attempts.

“We shared our common heritage among them, destroyed almost everything good they had inherited, and almost made us second-class citizens in the land God gave us. It was a wasted 8 years.

“Who would have thought that Sen. Chan would advise Governor Caleb Mutofan, who is raising standards of governance to a new level, to hand over to a group of people rejected by Plateau residents? It’s unreasonable.

“Needless to say, APC is intent on obtaining power through the backdoor. We believe that our God never sleeps and will not allow us to return to Egypt as a nation and people.

“It is unthinkable to ask a government that has been in power for only six months and whose achievements have already surpassed the eight-year APC-led government led by Mr. Lalon to resign,” he said.

“Senator Jonah Chan, like other well-meaning democracy lovers, simply cannot understand why the Court of Appeal has ruled against the 2023 Elections Act and other precedent set by the Supreme Court.

“Senator Zhang believes that Sunday, November 19th’s verdict was a complete miscarriage of justice, and as a strong believer in the judiciary, he believes that the highest court in the land will reverse this grave injustice.

“Senator Jang does not support disrespecting the status of feudal lords, as seen in the protests following the previous ruling, but he is aware of how difficult it is for judges to justify their positions. Yes, we have all seen how judges struggle to explain their actions in the face of public backlash.

“Mr. Chan called on the people to maintain peace and tranquility and to devote their energies to prayer to God.

“The Lord will not fail us. We will trust in Him alone,” he declared.


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