Cause of high level of anxiety due to concurrent police duties - former CP

Cause of high level of anxiety due to concurrent police duties – former CP

Former Akwa Ibom State Police Commissioner Gabriel Achon has blamed the “sidelined” behavior of the Nigeria Police Force for the deterioration of security in the country.

He noted that the police is the agency responsible for handling internal security, saying many other security agencies have usurped that role.

He also claimed that some people are making huge amounts of money from the insecurity in the country.

Mr Achon spoke at the Zone 6 headquarters of the Nigeria Police Force in Calabar. There, 47 new assistant superintendents were appointed to police chaos.

He warned that bandits and other armed groups were operating in the open in some parts of the country as the country’s security system was compromised.

According to him, despite its strengths and promise, the Nigeria Police Force is underfunded.

“The Nigeria Police does not have enough resources. Please gather all the security forces. The resources that the police have are insufficient, but the police are being sidelined.

“There are some who are trying to take over the functions of the police. There are many security problems in Nigeria because the police are not allowed to discharge their responsibilities. Internal security has been breached.

“If domestic security is left to the police as they should be, armed insurgencies such as Boko Haram, bandits, and herdsmen attacks will stop.”

“People are making money from these crimes just because the police are not doing it,” said a former Communist Party member.


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