Catholic Priest challenges singer Chidinma Ekile to show proof she was born blind and her sight was later restored

Catholic priest challenges singer Chidinma Ekile to prove that she was born blind and that her vision was later restored

Olodo, look how you showed the world your lack of understanding English. You understood the context in which he used the word Challenge. That said, some career pastors and their enablers would soon come after Catholic priests who, by the way, also have their own problems (they all do). not a week or two as a guest, then you will see that they are just ordinary humans who fall into the same temptation that everyone else does, no one can go without sinning a thousand times a day by following all the definitions of sin in the Bible, if you don't do it physically , you will do it in your mind, just because he didn't ask for that loosely clothed pussy that spreads her leg in the front row of the church doesn't exclude the fact that he stumbled in his mind's eye and ogled, raped her dripping vagina, giving the right place, the weather and the weather state of mind bro will fuck you up and pray for forgiveness later (that's for the good ones. not the serial ones like Jonson sukeiiman) yet to see pastor Chris take his anointing to terminally ill sections of government hospitals with cameras to cure the dying, the cured are always people unknown to all naive members, or let it go to the well-known madmen under the osbodi bridge, or Ajah axis and heal, is also unknown. No popular hospital associated with the patient during treatment. This is why politicians know that they are only useful to gain political points for themselves or to win votes for themselves. No authentic politician believes his prayers. Even so, Dad was just trying to manipulate oyedepo. but that one was smart and was just joking, since Baba has already made huge donations. Ha, I know obi fans or fanatics will hate my comment for mentioning his Messiah

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