CAS Abubakar asks senior staff for guidance and discipline

The Chief of Air Staff (CAS), Air Marshal Hassan Abubakar, has tasked Air Warrant Officers (AWOs) and Regimental Sergeants Majors (RSMs) to promote leadership, regimentation, professionalism and effective service delivery.

Abubakar also charged them to ensure the mentorship of young airmen and women airmen in the Nigerian Air Force (NAF) through sharing of information, skills and experience.

In a statement by the Nigerian Air Force, NAF Spokesperson, Air Chief Marshal Edward Gabukwet, CAS made the charges on Wednesday during the retreat of AWOs and RSMs serving in various forces in the country.

Given the vast experience and knowledge held by AWOs, RSMs, and other senior noncommissioned officers (SNCOs), the Chief of the Air Force expressed concern about the observed decline in leadership within the noncommissioned officer (NCO) cadre, and The advised RSMs re-establish a leadership culture in their respective units.

Mr. Abubakar described the AWO and RSM as a link between the officer cadre and other ranks, saying they must be impartial in their duties.

CAS emphasizes the importance of upholding and maintaining high standards of discipline and that the AWO and RSM are responsible for ensuring that airmen and airwomen under their command maintain discipline in the performance of their responsibilities. It pointed out.


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