Canada: Dabiri Erewa warns Nigerians against illegal immigration

Canada: Dabiri Erewa warns Nigerians against illegal immigration

The Chairman and CEO of the Nigerian Diaspora Commission (NiDCOM), Abike Dabiri-Erewa, has urged Nigerians traveling abroad to obtain legal and proper documentation to avoid unpleasant consequences. He urged people to carry it with them when traveling.

Dabiri Erewa said this while visiting Nigerians in one of the evacuation centers in Brampton, Canada.

She called on people planning to travel or seek asylum without proper documentation to desist.

According to the head of NiDCOM, the situation is becoming even more difficult in many countries.

Pastor Vivian Elka, who runs the Bethel Food Bank and works with people in shelters, tells us that the mayor of Brampton has promised to make 800 more beds and shelters available. Ta.

Bakery owner Wale Rabiu donated hundreds of loaves of Agege bread to detainees at the shelter, and Bayo Adedos, a Nigerian and immigration consultant living in Canada, also provided some counseling.

Adedosu advised people not to speak ill of their home country of Nigeria to avoid future repercussions.

He likewise urged patience and law-abiding.


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