Businessman whose property was burgled accuses police of detaining him for murder after someone died in his property

Businessman whose property was stolen accuses police of holding him for murder after someone died on his property

A man called Mouka Emmanuel screamed for help after being detained by police when a man who allegedly trespassed on his property died.

Mouka explained that his business establishment in Agbor, Delta State, was robbed several times in 2022.

An attack happened on February 12, 2022, so he reported the attacks to the Agbor Police Command and mentioned “officer Duke Amerika” as the officer he told about the “repeated robberies and assassination attempts” against him.

He said another attack by armed people occurred shortly after.

Then, on April 19, 2022, your building was robbed again.

On the fateful day, he explained that the business closed at 3pm and he left the office section of his property and retreated to the private section when another attack was launched on his property.

He said a man named Happy Uboh was the person who allegedly trespassed on his property that day and the suspect sent him a message before trespassing to say he was sick. Mouka shared with LIB a screenshot of the message Happy Uboh allegedly sent him.

“I fell apart. I need medical attention so I had to go,” Happy Uboh’s message to Mouka read.

Shortly after the message arrived, Mr Mouka said he discovered his property was again under attack, so he left his private residence and found Happy outside asking for help and also his forgiveness.

He said his team did not allow the attackers entry, so he had no idea how they got into his compound.

“He was not bleeding or injured, but I found him on the floor inside my premises,” Mouka said of Happy Uboh’s presence on his property.

He said he left quickly and called neighbors to help Happy Uboh. He then went to the Agbor police to report that he had found one of the alleged culprits.

However, he said the police arrested him, informing him that Happy had died. He said they accused him of killing Happy Uboh.

He told LIB: “The police asked me to state that an accidental discharge had occurred, but I refused. They arrested me and falsified an allegation of accidental discharge in Asaba Command, Delta State.”

He added that just because he possesses a “licensed firearm” they decided to frame him for “murder.”

He further alleged that he was the victim of several attacks by Happy Uboh and other armed men but is now being persecuted and treated like a criminal.

While in police custody, he said he received information that his property had been robbed again by armed men on May 15, 2022, and showed the extent of the damage caused in photos shared with LIB.

Mouka said he applied for bail and was asked to pay a sum, which he did, but the police refused to release him.

He added that he wants “justice and freedom.”

He said he wants the case against him dropped “given the circumstances that indicate I was the victim of an attack at my private residence.”

He added: “I have been detained since April 16, 2022, without just cause… The situation reflects that I am not only a victim, but also a target of murder, malicious damage to my property and other forms of attacks.”


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