Burna Boy – “There’s only the ‘big two’ and then there’s Burna Boy” — Guardian Life — Guardian Nigeria News – Nigeria and World News

Burna Boy – “There’s only the ‘big two’ and then there’s Burna Boy” — Lifestyle — Headline News – Nigeria and World News

18 minutes ago

Afrobeats superstar Burna Boy's fiery declaration echoed through the concert venue last night, eliciting roars from the excited crowd. In a moment that captured his undeniable confidence and ambition, Burna Boy declared: “Next time someone talks about something called the 'big three', tell them there are only 'big two' and…

8 hours ago

Nollywood actor and producer, Femi Adebayo has announced that his first project of 2024, “Seven Doors'', will be released sometime in the new year. 'Jagun Jagun' Producer Reveals This In an exclusive interview on Channels Television's 'The Morning Brief' on New Year's Day, Adebayo shared an insight into the new film and revealed that the film is currently in production. It revealed that.

1 day ago

2023 was a phenomenal year for the Nigerian film industry known as Nollywood. From thought-provoking dramas to laugh-out-loud comedies and heart-pounding thrillers, Nollywood filmmakers have delivered diverse and captivating stories that have left audiences and critics alike in awe. Let's take a look back at some of the movies and series that truly redefined Nigeria's boundaries…

1 day ago

The Mexican actress who voiced Mama Coco Ana Ofelia Murguia has died at the age of 90. Murguia played a key role in the film, playing her grandmother in the award-winning animation that follows the adventures of a Mexican boy. He visits the land of the dead and uncovers his family's secrets…

2 days ago

Quit social media, lose weight, cut out alcohol, and snooze more. It's good to hear these goals, but we never stick to them. New Year's resolutions are a tradition commonly adopted in the Western world, aimed at achieving them by choosing good habits or changing undesirable behaviors.

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