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BUA illegally occupy our land, Ekid people cry out — Nigeria — Headline News – News of Nigeria and the world

Ekid People's Union (EPU) national president Dr. Samuel Udonsak said BUA International Limited was illegally occupying the land, just as mining ilmenite without consent was illegal.

Speaking at the annual legislative session, Mr. Udonsaku persuaded the state government to abide by the terms of the Stubbs Creek Reserve Ordinance of 1930, which established the Stubbs Creek Forest Preserve, known as Aquoyaku, and that it was not a takeover. It pointed out.

“Thus, if for any reason a forest reserve or part of it is deprotected, the right of reversion belongs to its original owners, the Ekid people, according to a 1918 Imperial Court decision.

“There is no provision in the Constitution and our laws that allows the government to take land and convert it to private use. It should always be in the public interest. On this basis, our consent We consider that the BUA is illegally occupying our land, just as it is also illegal to mine ilmenite on our land without doing so,” Udonsak stressed.

He told Parliament that throughout the past year, the Ibeno Local Council, through its agents and associates, has continued to intimidate and kidnap Ekido people, dispossess them of their farms, tools and fishing gear, and has also committed crimes against Esit Ulua and Esit He reported to Congress that he continued to impose illegal taxes on people living in Ulua. People doing legitimate business in Stubbs Creek.

“They have made life intolerable for our people. Congress must require unions to take all legitimate steps to liberate our people, who have every right to live in peace and prosperity. It must be done,” he demanded.

On the proposed Ibom Port, Udonsak said the project had the potential to revolutionize the economy and livelihood of Akwa Ibom State. He praised the government's efforts to promote the seaport project.


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