Bribery charges: APC calls on Attorney General Kano to expose those who obstructed Court of Appeal decision

Bribery charges: APC calls on Attorney General Kano to expose those who obstructed Court of Appeal decision

…Threatening legal action for defamation
The All Progressives Congress (APC) has called on the state Attorney-General and Attorney-General, Haruna Issa Dedeli, to dispel allegations that he influenced the Court of Appeal judgment that removed Governor Aba Yusuf from office.

Abdullahi Abbas, chairman of the party’s Kano branch, maintained that Mr Dederi’s statements in the public domain have exposed the APC and its supporters to public ridicule and danger.

The party gave Dedeli a 48-hour ultimatum to back up his claims with evidence that the judges were influenced and gave decisions contrary to the law.

The party, in a letter dated November 23, 2023, addressed to the President of the Nigerian Bar Association and the President of the Kano Branch of the Nigerian Bar Association, said it was left with no option if the President was unable to meet its demands. . However, it will be necessary to file a petition against him with the Bar Disciplinary Board and file a defamation suit seeking relief.

“Since your above statement, I have received countless calls from family, friends, colleagues and colleagues seeking clarification as to whether it is true that my party influenced the decisions of the Court of Appeal and the Tribunal. and text messages,” he said in a letter to Dedeli published in the Guardian newspaper in Abuja.

Specifically, the letter states: “Our party and the public want to know how we learned about the court’s decision before it was handed down.

“You went on to say that the clerical error contained in the published judgment was the true intention of the judges of the court, but that the judges changed the judgment due to interference.” Kano State Chief Judicial Officer There is no benefit in saying that such a serious allegation from the court would mislead the public about the court’s actual decision and antagonize the public against the judiciary in general and the judge who decided the appeal in question in particular. .

You further argued that the Court of Appeals did indeed reverse the court’s decision in its judgment.
“As if that was not enough, you later made an audio recording as the Attorney General of Kano State rebutting a statement made by the Chief Registrar of the Court of Appeal regarding clerical errors in the judgment. The aforementioned audio memo In , you make insinuations that suggest that the appellate court judges were actually violated.

“I vividly remember being in the courtroom when the verdict was handed down and hearing the judge’s decision clearly, but to my surprise, you also appeared on a TV show and talked about the court’s decision. He also created voice memos to mislead the public, all with the purpose of criticizing the judiciary.

“The most worrying thing is that in all the public addresses you have made to the judiciary, you have spoken as the Attorney General of Kano State. And the case in court involves the Kano State Government. This is not a lawsuit. Therefore, this is an abuse of office because you are the Attorney General of Kano State and not the Attorney General of the NNPP.”
Mr. Abbas continued: “I have also received various threats, including an attempt to attack my home in Kano. Your careless words have caused a lot of tension against me by tarnishing my reputation in society, I caused it.

“As a result of the above, I request you to come forward and name those who interfered with the decisions of both courts.

“This will go a long way in cleansing society of corruption. It will also clear my name and protect me from unnecessary attacks from your comments.

“However, in the absence of evidence of the serious allegations you have made, I demand that you publicly apologize to me and my party for the embarrassment you have caused us.

“As a lawyer, you do not need to be reminded of the provisions of the Professional Code regarding courts and judges. Your allegations against judges and judges are even more serious if they are found to be false.


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